Mental Health& Wellbeing Support

At St Joseph’s School, the mental wellbeing of students is valued and prioritised by the Wellbeing Team and directly contributes to creating a positive and conducive learning environment by identifying the unique needs of individual students, fostering a sense of belonging and safety.

When students feel emotionally and mentally well, they are better able to focus on their studies, engage with their peers, and achieve their full academic potential. Wellbeing support helps identify and address the unique needs of individual students, fostering a sense of belonging and safety. This, in turn, can reduce instances of behavioural problems, bullying, and absenteeism, creating a more harmonious and productive school community.

By teaching students’ essential life skills related to emotional intelligence, resilience, and stress management, wellbeing support equips them with tools that are crucial not only for academic success but also for lifelong well-being and success in their future endeavours.

If you have noticed a difference in your child’s behaviour, or you know that your child has experienced a significant life changing event, then perhaps you might consider wellbeing support so that your child can receive some extra support and guidance.

We have a great website The Wellness Connection made by the Wellbeing Team with resources and information you can access to help further support your child.

If you believe that your child would benefit from further assistance with any wellbeing concerns, would like to share any concerns or have any questions about your child’s general wellbeing, please contact The Wellbeing Team or phone the school on (08) 8683 2400.

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