School BoardOverview

School BoardRepresentation

    Every decision that a Board makes and every policy that it formulates should be illuminated by the light of faith and should be permeated with the Gospel spirit of love and freedom. Every member of a School Board plays an important role in nurturing and strengthening the Catholic culture of the school.

      • Fr Paul Bourke – President
      • Sr Josie Huppatz – Josephite Representative
      • Caitlin Noonan – Board Chairperson & Policy Sub Committee Member
      • Andrew Wright – Vice Chairperson, Finance Committee & Policy Sub Committee Member
      • Catherine Gurr – Principal
      • Nick Callary – Deputy Principal – Ex-Officio Observe
      • Hedley Greenshields – Business Manager
      • Todd McShane – Staff Representative
      • Emily Rowe – Parent Engagement Committee & Policy Sub Committee Member
      • Charmaine Caston – Parent Engagement Committee & Finance Sub Committee Member
      • Scott Daley
      • Lain Montgomerie

      Meetings &Responsibilities

      Meetings are scheduled on a Tuesday, twice a term in the Boarding House Multi-Purpose Room, starting at 6:30pm. The approximate duration of each meeting is two hours.

      The School Board is an essential part of the school community. It sets direction for the school in the best interests of the students.

      Each Diocesan School Board has responsibility for the overall wellbeing of its school. The Board acts in an advisory capacity for the governance of the school in the areas of planning, policy, legal compliance, financial management and resources, pastoral care (staff, students and parents), and maintaining relationship with the Parish of St Mary of the Angels Church.

      Membership of the Board involves commitments in terms of time, energy and enthusiasm. We welcome nominations from our parent community, and community members with skills and capacity to contribute to the governance of the school. Elections are held at the AGM in March.

      Each Board Member is challenged to be aware of the joys and sorrows, the celebrations and struggles of the families served by the school. This involves listening to the details of everyday life in the school community.

      Catholic Education Manual for School Board Members