Meet OurLeadership Team

Leading Faith& Learning

At St Joseph’s School, we believe in the capability of every student and staff member and our leaders work to ensure all members of our community thrive.

We are the Executive Staff of St Joseph’s School, a team of experienced leaders who are dedicated to advancing our school’s mission and upholding our Catholic values. Together, we work collaboratively to ensure that our school provides a high-quality education that fosters both academic excellence and spiritual growth.

Through our leadership and expertise, we play a critical role in shaping the future of Catholic education by empowering our students and staff to become faith-filled leaders in our world.

Our ExecutiveLeadership Team

Catherine Gurr


Nick Callary

Deputy Principal

Kate Benjamin

Acting APRIM

Hedley Greenshields

Business Manager

Gabrielle Popovic

Assistant Principal - Wellbeing

Laura Sundqvist

Assistant Principal - Learning