Empowering MusicalPotential

    At St Joseph’s Music Department, we’re dedicated to kindling a passion for music in every child. Our program, starting in Primary School with diverse instrument exploration, evolves through Middle and Senior School, tailoring pathways for students. From performance, composition, and ICT skills, we aim to nurture a lifelong love for music in every student at St Joseph’s.

    Every child is born with musical ability but without opportunity it may fail to develop. Within our Music Department, it is our aim to give every child the best possible chance to develop their musical ability. Our program is designed to facilitate individual knowledge and skill development as well as social development for our students through their primary and secondary years and beyond.

    Students in the Primary School are given the opportunity to learn a variety of instruments. Class begins with singing to develop the inner ear and flows through into a ‘hands on’ approach to exploring the musical world of percussion, recorder and keyboard. At Year 4 all students have the opportunity to participate in a Junior and Middle Primary Choir. It’s in these early years that we want to develop a love for all things music.

    Once a student moves into the Middle and Senior School, pathways start to open up with new and exciting ways to participate within the Music program. With a focus on student development, we tailor a program suited to each elective Music student ranging from performance and composing to ICT skills.


    Embracing musical diversity, St Joseph’s offers enriching opportunities for all musicians to participate in our vibrant extracurricular ensembles. Additionally, every two years, students have the chance to join the ‘Live’ pit band in conjunction with the school musical, adding an extra layer of excitement to our musical journey.
    Extracurricular ensembles include:
    • Junior & Middle Primary Choir
    • Jazz Combo
    • Percussion Ensemble
    • Junior Concert Band (Year 7 and below)
    • Liturgical Band
    • Lunchtime Ensembles
    • Various Instrumental Ensembles

    Instrumental MusicProgram

    The Instrumental Music Program offers students the opportunity to receive individual or small group lessons with experienced tutors. These lessons, available on a fixed timetable during extended school hours, are conducted once a week and last for half an hour. It’s important to note that these instrumental or vocal lessons are separate from classroom Music lessons.

    For additional details on tuition fees and available tutors, please contact Carolyn Coulson or phone the school on (08) 8683 2400. If your child is interested in learning a musical instrument, we invite you to complete the Instrumental Music Program Application form available below.

    Music ProgramApplication Form

    Students playing guitars together
    Students singing at a school event
    Student band playing during lunchtime
    Student playing keyboard and singing at liturgy