Spiritual Growth

Religious Education& Faith Formation

At the heart of St Joseph’s School lies a dedication to building a faith community based on the Gospel values and the Josephite charism. Our approach integrates relevant curricula with prayer, liturgical celebrations, and Christian outreach opportunities, shaping a unique and enriching educational experience for our students.


Religious Education is studied across all year levels from Reception to Year 12 and is delivered in an innovative and contemporary manner. The curriculum is designed to engage and challenge students to explore all aspects of their own personal faith journey, and to offer students opportunities to come to know and love Jesus.

Prayer & Liturgical Celebrations

Through meaningful Prayer, Liturgical, and Eucharistic celebrations, students develop a sense of belonging within the St Joseph's School faith community. Daily morning and afternoon prayers are practiced in classrooms, and students regularly attend Parish Mass at St Mary of the Angels Church. Special Liturgies are held throughout the year for all year levels within both the primary and secondary school. Additionally, special Feast days are celebrated at whole-school masses at the local Catholic Church, St Mary of the Angels.

Christian Outreach

Students actively practice their faith through Christian Outreach at St Joseph’s School. The 'Mini Vinnies' group collaborates with the Port Lincoln St Vincent de Paul Society, engaging in fundraising and practical activities. Additionally, students volunteer for the Cara Camp for Kids, act as mentors for children with disabilities, participate in 'Clean up Australia Day,' support the local 'Fred’s Van' food service, and engage in various Christian Service programs.

Sacramental Program

Students participate in the Sacramental program at school in conjunction with the St Mary of the Angels Catholic Parish. Students celebrate the Rite of Reconciliation in Year 3, the First Holy Communion in Year 4, and the Sacrament of Confirmation in Year 7.

Josephite Charism

The Josephite charism permeates throughout all aspects of school life at St Joseph’s School, where students are guided to follow the vision and inspiration of our Patron Saint, St Joseph, and co-founder of the Sisters of St Joseph, St Mary of the Cross MacKillop. Each year our School Captains participate in a JJAMM Leadership conference at Mary MacKillop Place, North Sydney, with School Captains from around Australia and New Zealand.

This Josephite charism is further celebrated in the week leading up to the St Mary MacKillop Feast Day, through JJAMM Week. JJAMM stands for St Joseph, Fr Julian Tenison Woods and St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and is a chance for the St Joseph’s School community to celebrate what it means to be a part of a Josephite community. Through engaging in prayer, reflection and fun activities, students live out the qualities of these three inspirational people, as well as raising funds for worthwhile local, national and international Josephite charities.


The school Retreat program is an integral component of the faith formation of students at St Joseph's School. Students in the primary years attend day Retreats when preparing for their Sacraments. Secondary students also attend Retreats in most year levels. These Retreats provide students with an opportunity to explore their future goals and nurture relationships with their peers, family and their God.

We believe in the importance of instilling in our students a sense of purpose, passion, hope, faith, and love, which are reflected in our curriculum and daily life.

Students placing candles on church alter
Students placing candles on prayer table at the liturgy
Student receiving confirmation