Years 3 - 6Primary Education

Primary Years program, provides a well-rounded education that fosters academic, social, and spiritual growth in our students, while also making learning engaging.

Fostering Independence and Teamwork

At St Joseph’s School, Primary students are encouraged to become increasingly independent learners whilst participating in activity-based, collaborative learning opportunities. Self-directed initiatives, group work and year level events contribute to a varied and vibrant program as students consolidate knowledge and strengthen their learning skills.

Curriculum Highlights

In Years 3 and 4, our Religious Education program centres on the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. We keep students active with ‘Brain Breaks’ and daily fitness, ensuring movement is integrated throughout the day. Our commitment to student growth shines through various literacy and numeracy support programs, catering to both those who need extra assistance and those ready for advanced work.

In the Primary Years, we foster Japanese language skills through engaging lessons that promote cultural understanding, as well as proficiency in writing, speaking, and listening in Japanese. Furthermore, students enjoy multiple opportunities to participate in interschool sports events, enhancing their skills honed in Physical Education classes.

Throughout the Primary Years, students actively participate in Digital Technologies lessons. Our specialist teacher guides them in developing essential skills, knowledge, and ethical understanding related to safe and creative ICT applications. We encourage students to harness ICT as a tool for creative thinking, not just a means of learning.

Upper Primary Years: Holistic Education

Students in the Upper Primary Years continue their learning for life with a holistic education encompassing physical, emotional, social and spiritual domains. All classes focus on values education and action, assisting students to achieve their goals and contribute to their world. Students are increasingly encouraged to be independent and inquiring learners and ‘Genius hour’ provides opportunities for self-directed learning. Students from Year 6 enjoy access to specialist learning and facilities in subjects like Food Technology and Technology Studies.

Primary students using a laptop for educational activities
Primary students engaging in activities on a device
Primary student in the science lab
Primary students actively learning on laptops