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Boarding House

Keeping kids in the country

Our boarding community adds tremendous richness and diversity to the life of the school.

The St Joseph's School Boarding House offers seven-day boarding accommodation for male and female students in years eight to 12 and provides a wide range of choices and opportunities that are not always available in rural areas or smaller country schools.

Our families value the opportunity to send both their daughters and sons to the same school. Many of the boarders have parents who also boarded at St Joseph's School so there is a strong sense of family involvement with the school.

The boarding culture is an important part of our identity and tradition on the Eyre Peninsula. The welfare of the boarders is the special responsibility of the Senior Boarding House Supervisor and the team of staff who work and support the students within the boarding house. Through dedicated care and attention they have established a strong supportive environment where each person is welcomed into a larger, nurturing family.

"The Boarding House is now my second home, and all the boarders are my family"
Sky - Cleve

"Boarding at St Joe's is a great experience and a wonderful opportunity"
Cody - Roxby Downs

Click here to hear the winning 2014 ABC Heywire submission by Emily Secker about life in the boarding house

Boarding students are provided with home-style cooked meals with an emphasis on wholesome, filling and nutritional food, made fresh on site by a qualified chef. The students share breakfast and dinner together in the dining area every day as one large family.

The Boarding House is conveniently situated next to the school giving students easy access in the mornings and afternoon as well as during study periods. Students attend evening study each week night in the School's Resource Centre, supervised by a qualified teacher or tutor who are able to provide valuable assistance.

For further information regarding Boarding please contact our Enrolment Registrar
Email: enrolments@sjspl.catholic.edu.au
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Mobile: 0408 951 876
Fax: (08) 8682 2566

More information:

Boarding House FAQs

Q: What bedding do I need to bring?
You will mainly need to bring linen with you:
  • Two single bed sheet sets
  • Flannelette sheets may be used for winter but electric blankets are not permitted
  • Continental quilt or blankets (for winter we have found that at least one blanket as well as the quilt is required)
  • Two continental quilt covers
  • Pillow
  • Three pillow slips
  • Two bath towels
All of your bedding (along with your clothing) must have name tags on them. We have a labelling machine in our laundry which presses the name tag onto clothing and labels will be ordered for each child with the cost billed to your account.

Q: What type of personal clothing do I need to bring?
Your personal clothing should include the following:
  • School uniform
  • Casual clothes
  • Sleepwear
  • Dressing gown or tracksuit for wearing in common areas
  • Toiletries
  • Small laundry hamper (which should be able to fit under desk)
  • Mesh bag for underwear washing
  • Shoe cleaning kit
  • Sewing kit - may be handy
  • Slippers or thongs
  • Bathers and beach towel (for the summer months)
  • Sufficient coat hangers for clothes
All of your clothing (along with your bedding) must have name tags on them. We have a labelling machine in our laundry which presses the name tag onto clothing and labels will be ordered for each child with the cost billed to your account.

Q: What else do I need to bring?
  • Laptops, iPods and tablets are permitted. (Headphones must be used during study times and after lights out.)
  • Study table lap / bed lamp
  • Glue, textas, scissors, pencils etc
  • Paper for use with Boarding House printer
  • Fan (no heaters allowed)
  • Glass and cup/mug clearly labelled
Q: Can I bring my own computer?
Yes you can. Laptops or tablets are allowed and students will have access to the school network via a virtual desktop across our wireless network.

Q: Is there Internet Access?
Yes there is. The Boarding House has wireless connection with the School Network and there are computers on site that can be used by students.

Q: Is there any academic support available?
Yes, students attend study period each evening in the School Resource Centre where study supervisors are available to assist with subjects. The school also provides Maths tutoring weekly in the Resource Centre after School for all students to access.

Q: Can a student use their own car?
Yes, students can use their own car to get them from home to the Boarding House once appropriate authority forms have been completed. They must submit car keys to staff upon arrival.
Students are encouraged not to use their vehicles during the week. However, if it is deemed necessary then it is only permitted with signed permission from parents.

Q: Can I bring my mobile phone?
Mobile phones are permitted but rules must be adhered to as to when the student is and is not allowed to have them in their possession.

Q: What happens if my child is sick?
If the student is unable to attend school because of an illness the Boarding House Senior Supervisor will treat each child individually and care for them as she would her own child. Doctors’ appointments are made where deemed necessary and a supervisor will remain in the Boarding House for the day to care for child. Parents will be contacted and kept informed.