School Involvement - Volunteering

St Joseph's School relies on the generosity and contribution of parents; caregivers and volunteers in a myriad of ways to provide quality education for students attending our school.

As directed by Catholic Education South Australia (CESA), it is policy and practice to ensure that all individuals who have a responsibility through their role as a volunteer within the school environment, undergo a ‘Child Related Employment Screening’. Through the Catholic Education ‘Screening and Verification Authority’ unit and also the Department of Human Services (DHS), an assessment is made as to a person’s suitability for volunteering. Upon completion of processing, individuals will be provided with notification of their application status. There is no cost to individuals who submit their applications through the school.

If you wish to volunteer your services to the school you will also be required to provide your COVID-19 Digital Certificate and also a Responding to Risks of Harm, Abuse and Neglect – Education and Care (RRHAN) Certificate. If you have any queries, please make contact with the Front Office staff.

For existing volunteers who believe that their clearance is about to expire, or anyone interested in volunteering, you are encouraged to enter your details below.