Resource Centre

Our Resource Centre is a beautiful, spacious and light-filled building. We are especially proud of our large and colourful leadlight window depicting a young St Mary MacKillop surrounded by children. We have three areas for classes, decorated in the house colours of MacKillop, Penola and Tenison. In addition we have 2 computer rooms, 2 smaller discussion rooms and several comfortable reading areas.

Our collection includes picture books, fiction and non-fiction, biographies and Religious Education resources. Parents are welcome to borrow from the library using their child’s borrowing number. We also have an ever-expanding audio-visual collection, including cameras for students studying Media Studies. This will continue to grow into the future.

The Centre is open for borrowing before school from 8:30 am and after school until 4:00pm daily. It is open daily at lunch time. A range of activities is available for children at these times.

The students have a two week borrowing time. Students can extend their borrowing time by two weeks by seeing the library staff. After being three weeks overdue, notices will be sent to Parents. They will be allowed a further 2 weeks to locate and return the book after which an account will be sent out for the cost of the book. If you have any concerns about a book it is best to see the library staff and discuss it with them.

Books that have been water or food damaged or misused will need to be paid for at cost, so they can be replaced.

The Resource Centre warmly welcomes volunteers. Volunteers may be involved in tasks such as book covering, re-shelving, displays and housekeeping and such assistance is always greatly appreciated.