Events and Expectations

Throughout the year we have a number of important events where parents are most welcome to attend.

Beginning of Year Liturgy

The Beginning of Year Liturgy takes place in the first half of Term 1 and parents are warmly invited to attend. During this Liturgy we welcome all new students and staff to our school community along with a special presentation of our youngest members, our new Reception students by our oldest students, the Year 12s.

Parent information evenings

Parent information evenings are held at the beginning of each year and are a chance for teachers and parents to meet each other as well as explain important information relevant to the new school year.

Open House

Open House is held early in the year and is a wonderful family night where parents, families and friends are invited into the school to see all the great work that our students do.

Feast Day of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop

On 8th August (or as near as practical to it) we come together as a whole school with a Mass to celebrate the Feast Day of our Patron, St Mary of the Cross MacKillop. During this celebration we also present the ‘Mary MacKillop Awards’ to students from Years 3-6, 7-9 and 10-12.

St Joseph’s Day

On March 19th we celebrate the Feast Day of our Patron Saint, and our Josephite charism, with whole school buddy activities following a special Mass.

End of Year Liturgy

The End of Year Liturgy takes place at the end of Term 4. This completes our year and, like the Beginning of Year Liturgy, is a special occasion for our Reception and Year 12 students. During the ceremony the Reception students farewell the Year 12 students after having the whole year getting to know their special buddy.

The prestigious ‘Christian Leadership Awards’ are also presented during this ceremony to two students (a male and female student) in both Year 7 and Year 12.

Year 12 Graduation

Our Graduands are recognised in a formal ceremony at the Nautilus Arts Centre, followed by celebrations at the Pt Lincoln Hotel ballroom. This is an occasion of pride and gratitude for our senior students and for the work of the whole school community.

Sports Day

MacKillop, Tenison and Penola teams are involved in Sports Day in Term 1. The R-2 students complete a circuit of fun skills events, with Year 3-12 students competing in their age level in athletics events. Sports Day is a colourful and impressive display of teamwork and ability which is always well attended by the wider school community.


Bi-annually we produce and perform our school musical, each time taking on an exciting new challenge which excites and entertains young and old alike. Traditionally performed by Secondary students this is a wonderful display of teamwork, dedication and commitment. At St Joseph’s, we have long believed that a ‘school musical’ provides a wonderful opportunity to build these skills and a sense of community.

Catholic Education Week

The Pt Pirie Diocesan schools contribute to joint activities to showcase the work of Catholic schools in rural and remote locations. Each school’s uniqueness and opportunities are highlighted and students’ contributions to their communities are celebrated.

There are many more events held during the year which parents are welcome to attend. Please check our school calendar for details.