Absentee Information

As part of our duty of care as a school, it is our responsibility to follow up any unexplained absences or lateness. To this end, if your child is marked absent unexplained or late in the morning we will send you an SMS message. However, if your child is sick or away for any reason, please advise us in one of the following ways

Please advise:

  • Student’s full name
  • Reason
  • Year level and Home Class

This way, you will not receive unnecessary SMS messages.

Leaving Early or Arriving Late

If your child/ children arrive at school late, need to leave school early or have appointments during the day, please advise via a note to the teacher or one of the four options above. All students arriving late or leaving throughout the day must be signed in/out via the School Office.

Extended Absence

If you are going away on holiday and your child will be absent from school for an extended period (more than 5 school days), please collect an exemption form from the Front Office and return completed for the Principal to approve.

Extended absence in the Senior Years for the purposes of holiday is strongly discouraged as this can be detrimental to successful achievement in the SACE.