Junior Joeys

Junior Joeys is a play based learning opportunity for children, where they are able to experience and familiarise themselves with the school, staff, the facilities, and the children they will be starting their St Joseph’s learning journey with. Basic routines are introduced, but the focus is on getting to know your child and finding out about their developing skills and talents. Through play and exploration children become more adaptable, flexible, resilient and creative. By engaging with their natural surroundings, and interacting socially with others, children become more equipped to coordinate their emotions, thoughts and actions.

Junior Joeys is a 10 week programme offered to families who have accepted a place in Reception. The programme will begin in Week 5 of Term 3, the year prior to commencement.

Session times will be dependent on enrolment numbers, however, we will do our best to avoid children missing kindy sessions.

Each weekly session will be coordinated by a qualified Early Years Teacher and supported by an Education Support Officer. Parents leave their children in a similar way they do at Kindy. In enrolling in Junior Joeys, your child will benefit from:

  • Engaging in activities to support their social and emotional wellbeing
  • A range of opportunities to further develop their fine and gross motor skills
  • Activities that promote pre-reading, writing and numeracy skills through hands-on experience
  • Building familiarity and confidence within the school environment and St Joseph’s community

The programme is run on a user-pays basis with a fee of $200 for 10 sessions. Whilst we encourage you to participate, for those that don’t, there will be two transition sessions provided for children commencing school with us.