Student Support

Student Wellbeing

At St Joseph’s School the mental health of students and staff is valued and prioritised by the Wellbeing Team.

The Wellbeing Team, work in collaboration with staff and students to implement wellbeing practises that empower, inform and encourage personal growth.

If you have noticed a difference in your child’s behaviour, or you know that your child has experienced a significant life changing event, then perhaps you might consider school counselling so that your child can receive some extra support and guidance.

Individual and group support is available, with a variety of programs offered to suit specific needs. The supportive programs focus on building student resilience, making smarter choices and building personal leadership skills whilst maintaining a focus on positive mental health.

If you feel your son or daughter needs any further assistance with any wellbeing issues, then please contact the School to organise a time to speak to Joshua or Natalie.

School Counsellor

My name is Joshua Mckenzie and I have been part of the St Joseph's School Community since 2013. During my time at St Joseph's School, I have enjoyed being a Junior Primary School Teacher as well as Environmental Key Teacher. I have a passion for helping to foster a welcoming environment for all young people to become confident and successful.

As the R-12 School Counsellor I work with students from Reception to Year 12 about a variety of social and emotional needs to help enhance their wellbeing. I liaise regularly with parents who seek support for their children and work in collaboration with staff to teach and implement programs that promote child safety, mental health and wellbeing.

I cater to the needs of the students and can work with them individually or in small groups depending on their need. I also run regular lunch time activities throughout the week to help promote positive interactions amongst students.

School Counselling is a confidential service where the rights of the child are respected. If you ever have any questions or concerns about your child's social and emotional needs, please don't hesitate to contact me.

My working days are Monday-Thursday 8am - 4pm and you can contact with me via email on or by phoning the School.

Youth Worker

My name is Natalie Hart and I am the Youth Worker at St Joseph’s School. I have been a Youth Worker for over 12 years within the Port Lincoln community and have a great passion for giving young people opportunities to become empowered and confident young personal leaders and encourage them to make their best choices.

My role at St Joseph’s School allows me to cater to the specific needs of our young people, whether it be wellbeing, social or leadership skills. I also work with staff to deliver and access a variety of tailored supports and opportunities to our school.

Please contact me if you would like to share any concerns or have any questions about your child’s general wellbeing. I believe that by working together we can make a positive difference to your child's life.

My working days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays and you can contact with me via email on or by phoning the School.