Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is integral to all that we do at our school and is underpinned by our motto “In all things love”. A term which encompasses the Gospel values of acceptance, compassion and respect for the dignity of all, pastoral care refers to our class structures, Leadership positions, specific curricula and policies, ways of relating and our daily interactions.

Because we believe that wellbeing for learning is integral to all areas of the school, pastoral care at our school includes Positive Education strategies and Restorative Practices. Mindfulness and relaxation are incorporated into many lessons to assist students to focus and be ready for learning. Staff have opportunities for professional training in trauma-sensitive approaches, responding to challenging behaviours, delivering social/emotional learning programs and differentiation to meet individual needs.

In our complex world, our school has also recognised a need for counselling services and our School Counsellor and Youth Worker provide wonderful support within the school community. They are proactive in helping students and teachers to understand neuroscience and to develop strategies for coping, enhancing social-emotional skills, resilience and self-regulation. Through small group work (eg. Seasons for Growth, Peaceful Kids) and with classroom teaching (Kimochis, Bounce Back, MindUp) we provide opportunities for success for all students.

Our aim is to engage students in meaningful dialogue and questioning in order to develop personal responsibility. This reflects current trends in educational philosophy where enquiry model approaches underpin contemporary teaching strategies.

Student Leadership

Students at St Joseph’s School are given many leadership opportunities throughout their time at the school.

We have two School Captains and four Vice Captains. We also have Sports Captains and Vice Captains, in each House (MacKillop, Tenison, Penola).

Students are exposed to external and internal Leadership training to help them develop their leadership potential both within the school community setting and in their individual and external pursuits.

From Reception to Year 11 students are also given opportunities to participate in leadership through SRC (Student Representative Council).