Student Support

Inclusive Education

My name is Tara Clark and I am the R-12 Inclusive Education Learning Leader at St Joseph’s School. As the Inclusive Education Learning Leader, my role is to work in collaborative partnership with students, parents, teachers, learning leaders, consultants and other professionals to foster a school culture that enhances the educational outcomes for all students.

We work together to identify the educational adjustments required for students to access learning. Adjustments are made for students with a disability to enable them to access the curriculum, achieve outcomes and participate in school life on the same basis as their peers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email on or by phoning the School.

LAP Mentoring Programme

St Joseph’s school has a proud history of engaging our school community. One of the many ways we achieve this is through our schools Learning Assistance Mentoring Programme, otherwise known as LAP Mentoring.

LAP mentoring is a partnership between the student, volunteer and teacher that aims to support the individual needs of our students academically, emotionally and socially.

The commitment of LAP mentoring is one lesson per week, where you would work with a student in a one on one setting. This occurs at a regular time each week for as many weeks or terms you can commit to.

If this sounds like something you or someone you know would be interested in, or you would like more information, you can contact our LAP Co-ordinator Annie Varney by email at or by phoning the School.

Relevant working with children clearances are essential, these can be obtained through the school at no cost to our volunteers.