Early Years

Children are warmly welcomed in the Junior Primary years where relationships are formed and new learning begins as a basis for life in the 21st century. From Reception to Year 2 children learn through play and activity as well as explicit teaching, developing literacy and numeracy skills foundational to other curriculum areas. Maximum use is made of outdoor learning areas to encourage students to engage with their world and collaborate as they discover and enjoy new knowledge.

Interaction with senior student ‘buddies’ provides a sense of family, particularly with our newest students and the Year 12s which begins with the traditional ‘shake and take’ ceremony. Additional small group and whole classroom support from Key Teachers, as well as trained Educational Support Officers, ensures individual teaching and attention to fine and gross motor skill development. Physical Education is integral, and healthy eating is emphasised.

Contemporary learning activities are based on the Early Years Framework and the Australian Curriculum. Our partnership with families begins with Little Saints Playgroup, and is nurtured through our new Junior Joeys Transition Program before students begin their formal schooling in Reception. Together we build on your child’s experiences to foster a love of learning in a positive, happy environment where wellbeing is fundamental to success.