School Leadership


Ms Catherine Gurr

Mr Nick Callary
Deputy Principal

Ms Nicole Russell
Assistant Principal Religious Identity and Mission

Mr Hedley Greenshields
Business Manager

Leaders of Learning

Mrs Alison Cocks
Leader of Learning & Wellbeing Rec-Year 6

Mr Nathan Wohling
Leader of Learning & Wellbeing Years 7-12

School Coordinator

Mr Reece Francis
School Coodrinator

Other Key Leadership Roles

Miss Yvette Agars
Director of Boarding

Mrs Sarah Wohling
Preschool Director

Pastoral Care Leaders

Mrs Jacki Bailey
Early Years Pastoral Care Leader

Mr Malcolm Watt
Years 3-6 Pastoral Care Leader

Miss Gabrielle Popovic
Middle Years Pastoral Care Co-Leader

Mr Joe Morris
Middle Years Pastoral Care Co-Leader

Miss Kate Benjamin
Senior Years Pastoral Care Co-Leader

Mr Todd McShane
Senior Years Pastoral Care Co-Leader

Key Staff

Mrs Tara Clark
Learning Diversity Leader

Mr Mark Aldridge
SACE Coordinator

Mrs Teresa Cragg-Sapsford
Wellbeing Coach

Mrs Alison Cocks
Literacy Coach Rec-Year 6

Mrs Lee-Anne King
Numeracy Coach Rec-Year 6

Mr Andrew Reichstein
Literacy Leader Years 7-12

Mrs Tracy Baldwin
Primary Sports Curriculum Leader

Mr Matt Keatley
Secondary Sports Curriculum Leader

Mrs Carolyn Coulson
Arts Curriculum Leader

Mr Mark Blight
Mathematics Curriculum Leader 7-12

Mr Peter Fraser
Science Curriculum Leader 7-12

Mr Nicholas Frezza
Technologies Curriculum Leader 7-12

Mrs Maya Bache
HASS Curriculum Leader 7-12

Mr Andrew Reichstein
English Curriculum Leader 7-12

Mrs Amanda Coote
VET & Pathways Coordinator

Miss Nicole Russell & Mr Nick Callary
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Key Teacher

Mrs Natalie Hart
Youth Worker

Deacon Brenton Mortimer
School Chaplain